Record of Updates

11.21.2018 - Greatly simplified the main page and updated the image links.  Only pages that are available are linked to, though additional pages will be added over time.

11.10.2018 - Added and updated the Mission page.

11.9.2018 - Rebuilding website in a new hosting location, and updating it for 2018.  Added Index, Staff, Updates, and Library pages.

4.27.2015 - Added the Our Mission page and the Para911 Youths program pages.  Also corrected some language, and made our offer to consult or investigate on an anonymous basis much more clear and evident on the page.

4.25.2015 - Added a Staff page with individual pages for each member of Ghost Vigil Investigations.  This included profile photos and biographical information for each member.

4.24.2015 - Rebuilding the page using the 2012 design.  Corrected links and completed Contact GVI page and Our Equipment page.  Added a green skull favicon to all of the active pages thus far. 

10.29.2012- Completed converting over the Library page. 

10.28.2012 - For the purpose of rebuilding the Ghost Vigil Investigations website, the design of the unfinished Para911 website was adopted. The main page was rebuilt with the color-theme altered to match the Ghost Vigil colors and style.

3.4.2008 - The Para911 Youths has been added. Most of the edits required to bring it over to Para911 have been made. Skeleton of the Articles & Files page is up. Need to add the content still.

3.3.2008 - Other Paranormal Help Networks page finished for the original Para911 website. The TAPS Family and The American Ghost Society included. The International Paranormal Investigators' website is down. Is that network defunct already? Initial version of Paranormal Library added...we plan to add short book summaries of popular ghosthunting guides, etc. Eventually.

3.2.2008 - Main page updated for the original Para911 website with a graphic interface, including buttons for a Mission page, a Para911 Library, the Help Map, Articles & Files, and the Other Paranormal Help Networks page.

3.1.2008 - Investigator Locator Map finished and working for the original Para911 website. Has places for Investigators from the United States and Internationally.

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