Covid-19 Notice

The Covid-19 virus is obviously having a huge impact on how people interact.  We're all doing our best to socially-distance ourselves and shelter-in-place.  Lock-down orders are in effect across the country.  Obviously, until this crisis has passed, on-site paranormal investigations are on hold, as are in-person consultations.

This does not mean that Ghost Vigil Investigations is closed for business.  We are still checking our email daily, and we're here for anyone that needs help or advice with a paranormal issue.

Ghost Vigil Investigations has years of experience consulting on paranormal matters, so, if you have something odd going on in your home or business that you'd like to talk about, email us at:

As always, Include your phone number if you are open to having a conversation on the phone.

Please stay safe!  Keep your families safe!



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