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Since our founding in 2005, Ghost Vigil Investigations has served the Kansas City Area as a source of information and assistance regarding reported paranormal activity.  Our services, advice, investigations, and consulting have always been, and always will be, free-of-charge.  As a group, we share a deep interest in learning more about the unexplained experiences that the general public commonly refers to as "the paranormal." 

The members of Ghost Vigil have families and professional lives outside of investigating the paranormal, and this brings a maturity and professionalism to everything we do.  Our combined experience in this field brings a depth of knowledge to our approach to consulting and case-work that is unsurpassed.




When Ghost Vigil was first formed, we focused mainly on investigating historic buildings that were reportedly haunted.  Over time, we spent more and more of our time helping private home-owners and business-owners that were experiencing paranormal activity where they lived and worked.  During that time, Ghost Vigil served as a part of the TAPS Family, a network of paranormal investigation groups across the United States.   

Over the years, we've come full circle and our focus is more balanced.  We are interested in further investigating historic buildings that are reportedly haunted and equally willing to help those that believe they are afflicted by paranormal activity in their homes and businesses.


Our mission is clear.  We seek to educate the general public about the paranormal field.  Toward this end, we schedule classes about the paranormal and give tours of haunted locations in the Kansas City Area.  We seek to better understand the mechanisms at work behind paranormal activity, our of both personal curiosity and so that we can better help those that are encountering paranormal activity on a regular basis. 

Our investigation and consulting services are focused on helping those experiencing paranormal activity to better understand the paranormal, so that they are better prepared to deal with that paranormal activity and takes steps to reduce its negative impact on their lives. 

We have worked on a confidential basis in the past, and we fully honor any request we receive from a client to keep their investigation confidential or anonymous.  Our sole aim is to help, and if you need us to keep any assistance or services you receive from us anonymous, then that is exactly what we'll do.

Our realistic and grounded approach includes the knowledge that not all reported paranormal activity is actually paranormal in nature.  It includes the knowledge that not everything commonly believed by others involved in the paranormal field is accurate or true.  It also includes the knowledge that no matter how much we learn and exprience, we may never fully understand the mechanisms at work behind what is commonly called "the paranormal."

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