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The front porch was once a screened porch, but had been enclosed years ago to add an additional room to the house. It was now open to the elements and completely filthy.
There was dirt and trash on the floor as well as this stuffed bird which was located right at the door leading into the porch area. The French-doors that once separated the dining room from the porch were completely missing, including the door frames. We used the porch as our base-of-operations, so-to-speak, and left our extra equipment there. The picture on the right is of investigator Mike Cross.

Some of the reported paranormal activity had taken place in the living room. It is a long room and forms the center of the house, tying everything together.

We had reports of an apparition moving across the length of this room, the sounds of a large gathering of unseen people being heard here, as well as a 12-year-old girl being touched, tapped, and grabbed in this room, as well as the NW bedroom. At the time of our investigation, this room was littered with garbage and abandoned furniture.

The top-left and top-center photos contain photo-anomalies commonly called "orbs." We discuss these particular orbs and their causes in detail on the Orb Photos section of this investigation. The bottom-left picture above is investigator Chris Stevens and the bottom-center photo above is investigator Mike Cross.

The bottom-right photo is of a marble (of all things) which seemed to drop to the floor from thin air. We took a loser look at what happened, and we were able to recreate what had happened naturally. See the Stange Happenings section of this investigation for more details.

The changes made to the SW bedroom over-the-years were jarring. The entire ceiling had been removed, allowing a full view into the attic space of the farmhouse. A rough staircase had been build leading to the unfinished and unusable attic. The staircase took up a good deal of space in the room, and almost made the room unusable. In the background information I related that this had been my bedroom.
This was also the room in which I had encountered my "Three Friends" numerous times as reported in the Background & History section of this investigation. The top-center photo and the middle-right photo both contain photo-anomalies commonly called "orbs." We discuss these particular orbs and their causes in detail on the Orb Photos section of this investigation. Mike Cross is pictured in the top-center photo as well.

Towards the end of the investigation, I captured some interesting video in this room. That is discussed in detail in the Face in the Glass section of this investigation.

The NW bedroom was the scene of several reported paranormal experiences over the years. This was the bedroom of a 12-year-old girl who lived in the house, where she experienced being touched, tapped, her hair pulled, and her named called aloud by unseen forces in this room and the living room. A disembodied head appeared on a pillow in this room when a guest was spending the night.
See the Background & History page of this investigation for more details on those incidents. Also check out the Strange Happenings page of this investigation for details on what we encountered in this room

As for the photographs, the top-center photo contains a photo-anomaly called on orb. See the Orb Photos page of this investigation for more details on that. The bottom-left photo shows what I remember to be the only real graffitti of this type in the house. All three of us at the house found this drawing to be somewhat unsettling.

The room addition was at one time a back patio. The large room was built over the top of the patio to add more living space to the farmhouse. Structurally, this was the room I was most worried about during our investigation. The ceiling was falling in from water leakage and the floor appeared to be affected as well. Further examination of the floor revealed it to be safe for us to walk on.

  The NE bedroom was probably in the worst shape of all the rooms in the house. It was a complete mess. As you can see in these photos, someone had some sort of paper-mache project built right in the middle...
...of the floor. It was some sort of volcano, and it appeared someone had used laundry detergent and some other agents to cause the volcano to errupt. Paper and detergent were stuck all over the hardwood floors. We did not have any paranormal activity reported in this room, and we did not gather evidence of anything out of the ordinary in this room during our investigation.

The French doors between the enclosed porch area on the south side of the farmhouse and the dining room area were completely missing...door frames, and all. Like most of the house, this room was also a wreck. Nothing unusual occured here and none of the photos or video from this room showed anything interesting.

The kitchen was a wreck, and had changed very little over the years except for a new tile floor. For some reason the kitchen had been out-fitted with an actual fire-sprinkler over the stove area. I don't think I've ever seen an actual fire-sprinkler installed in an old house like this...let alone a new house.

The stairs to the basement were fairly steep and dangerous to traverse. I think both Chris and myself almost went down them head-over-heals at different times during the investigation. We found an orb in the top-middle photo above. See the Orb Photos page of this investigation for more details on that.

  While the basement of the farmhouse could be called fairly "creepy," we had only one reported paranormal story connected to this area...the story involving the baby crib being reconstructed.
During our investigation we did not have any photos, video, or audio that showed anything unusual in the basement. Like the rest of the house, we did see a lot of what appeared to be dust orbs floating around on the video footage shot in the basement. Considering the condition of the house, I think that was to be expected.

These pictures taken outside the farmhouse are interesting from the standpoint of the close proximity of the trees. When we were attempting to gather EVPs on audio tape, we were constantly hearing "tapping" in response to our questions. Maintaining an objective eye on what was happening, we quickly realized that the tapping was random and caused by the trees surrounding most of the farmhouse...tapping on the outside of the building.

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