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Thanks to our technical advisor, Dave Berg...all of our analog video was converted to a digital medium, so that we could share both video clips and still shots from the video on this website. Click Here or on this image to see video of two classic dust-orbs...

(smaller version - not as good, of course.)

This is exactly the sort of orb activity you see shown on television shows like Most Haunted all the time, with the suggestion or even the outright claim that they represent spirit activity. In truth, when operating the camera in night-shot mode an IR beam is emitting from the front of the video camera, and when dust passes close to the lens it is brightly lit by the beam. Add in the fact the dust is completely out-of-focus, and this dust orb effect results.

In truth, there were hundreds of orbs like this on the video...I simply pulled out the two that I thought were the brightest examples. One might observed that the two orbs, though filmed just seconds apart are moving in two different directions and at two different speeds. This could very easily be the result of drafts within the room and the fact we had recently entered the room, further disturbing any still air there may have been.

The photos below show the frame-by-frame movement of our dust orbs.

-Mark Stinson

Dust Orb #1 from Video


Dust Orb #2 from Video

left to right, bottom half


top to bottom, right half

- - -










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