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There were slight differences in the approaches that Mike Cross, Chris Stevens, and I individually brought to the investigation at the northland farmhouse. But one thing remained very consistent...

We were constantly searching for a natural explanation for anything that happened that appeared to be out-of-the-ordinary. For something to be considered paranormal, all natural explanations must be examined and excluded as possibilities. There were some great examples of this methodology during the northland farmhouse investigation.

  • During EVP work, we frequently heard what sounded like tapped responses. We set about looking for the natural explanation...and there were trees in close proximity to the house tapping on the outside walls.
  • At one point, it seemed like a marble had dropped out of nowhere, or had been thrown at my feet. Some experimentation showed it was much more likely I had unintentionally kicked the marble...and Mike confirmed he had seen the marble in that area earlier.
  • Also during our EVP work, everytime we heard a natural background noise (car noise outside, etc.), we would state what we had heard out-loud on the tape. We wanted to ensure that if we captured an out-of-the-ordinary sound on that audio tape...that we could be 100% sure that we had eliminated every natural cause we could.

So while we all differed a little in our approach or motivations, our standards and scientific approach was consistent throughout the investigation.

As we gathered evidence, every piece of evidence or reported activity had to be put into context and evaluated in relation to the rest of the evidence or reported activity. This is something we will do on all our investigations. For instance, a white blur in a photograph does not mean a whole lot on its own. If that's all we have, then its just not enough to prove a haunting. But if at the time we take the photograph we are at the location of past activity, we are getting unexplained high readings on our EMF detector, an unexplained 15 degree temperture drop, and we hear unexplained tapping and other noises...well now we've got to wonder.

-Mark Stinson

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