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I was capturing still shots from the digital version of our video tape from the investigation when I came across something interesting in a window. At the time the tape was shot I was doing a final walk through of the house, saying aloud things like, "We're leaving now." "This house will be torn down next week." "I hope you have given us evidence of your existance, we will not be returning." Things like that.

Click Here to see what I saw on the tape, or click on this image to watch the movie. You'll see the tape at regular speed, some still shots of the thing I find interesting, a 1/2 speed play back of the tape, and some still shots from the tape before and after. The movie file is 6 megs, but well worth waiting a minute or two for....

If you haven't watched the movie provided above, the rest of this page might not make sense to you. For the rest of this page, I'm assuming you have watched the movie.

The "face in the glass" shows up when the camera passes by the window at around 4:20:33, as shown in this still...

Six seconds earlier at 4:30:27 on a previous camara pass by the window, the "face in the glass" was not there. My feet were planted in the same place and the camera shot is very similar, but this earlier shot shows nothing....

On the camera pass four seconds after the appearence of the "face in the glass" at 4:20:38, the face is gone again. Though it can never be a perfect reproduction of the prior shot, my feet were firmly planted and the camera shot was very similar...

So the additional "face in the glass" is only apparent in the camera pass that took place at 4:20:33 and slightly into 4:30:34.

This whole sequence just popped out at me as I was pulling out the still images. I was alone in the room at the time this video was taken. I have reviewed video and still shots of the wall behind me in the room, and there is nothing on that wall that looks like this image on the glass...and nothing on the wall at or above my shoulder height. The window itself was boarded up from the outside with plywood.

The window in the shot is in my childhood bedroom of the house...the room where I encountered my "three friends" from the Background & History section of this investigation report. Of course, when examining something like this you have to keep in mind a couple of important concepts....

Matrixing - "Natural tendency for the human mind to interpret sensory input (that which is perceived visually, audibly or tactilely) as something familiar or more easily understood and accepted, and in effect mentally "filling in the blanks."

Simulacra - "A word used to describe the faces and shapes that are often reported in photographs and in almost every kind of inanimate object including doors, buildings, clouds, trees, and bushes. Usually, it is nothing more than the imagination of the witness making the texture of the object into a face or a figure."

So is the face in the glass just our minds "filling in the blanks" or is it something more?
From a professional and scientific standpoint, I don't feel the video or the strange face-like image are clear enough to be proof-positive of paranormal activity. For me, this is not a paranormal "smoking gun," proving the existance of ghosts or other paranormal entities.

That being said, from a personal standpoint, I have to take into consideration the following factors:

  • The extensive history of paranormal experiences at the farmhouse
  • My personal history with this particular room of the house
  • The timing of this image with my requests for some sort of proof "before we leave for good"
  • The fact the "face" does not appear 6 seconds before or 4 seconds later in the same spot
  • My gut feeling (not very scientific, but none-the-less)

...And looking at these factors, I've personally come to believe this face is something other than my mind playing tricks. But this is one of those situations where you will have to watch it a few times, and make up your own mind. We'll never be sure from a scientific standpoint.

-Mark Stinson

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