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Intelligent, sane, well-adjusted people sometimes experience phenomenon for which there appears to be no rational explanation.  These experiences can be frightening, disorienting, and/or frustrating.  Especially when a number of odd experiences happen to the same person or take place in the same location over time.  If you find yourself in this situation or know someone encountering experiences that are possibly paranormal in nature, please email us at:

Ghost Vigil Investigations and Consulting is located in the Kansas City Area.  We will keep your communications with us in complete confidence.  We've been consulting on reported paranormal activity since 2005, and we will treat you professionally and with the courtesy you deserve.  Our investigation and consultation services are 100% free.  A Ghost Vigil Investigator will never ask you for money or accept money in return for our services.

Please include a phone number with your email and the details of your situation.  The more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to assist you.  We will do everything we can to advise you and give you insight into what exactly you might be experiencing.

If you include a photograph that possibly shows evidence of paranormal activity, please attach the original unedited and unaltered photo to the email.  Be sure to describe in the email the conditions under which the photo was taken, and be clear regarding the unexplained feature or imagery in the photograph that concerns you.

Consultation can take many forms.  At times we may offer you some possible causes for what you are experiencing and some options for dealing with it.  In other cases we may point you in the direction of information sources that will further educate and assist you.  In some rare cases, a location visit or on-site paranormal investigation may be warranted.  If an investigation is warranted and you are not within driving distance of Kansas City, we will refer you to a group in your area.  At all times during this process, we take your wishes and concerns as a matter of prime concern. 

KEEPING YOU ANONYMOUS - We have worked on a confidential basis in the past, and we fully honor any request we receive from a client to keep their investigation confidential or anonymous.  Our sole aim is to help, and if you need us to keep any assistance or services you receive from us anonymous, then that is exactly what we'll do.

HISTORIC HAUNTS - If you know of a historic location in the region around Kansas City where paranormal activity reportedly takes place, please feel free to share the details with us.  If you happen to know the owner or caretaker of the historic location, please share their contact information with us so that we can be in touch.

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