Haunted People

Written by Mark Stinson - Ghost Vigil Investigations 

I often get inquiries about "Haunted People." We sometimes get requests for help from people that consider themselves to be haunted, rather than their houses or places of work. And I thought it might be interesting to categorize the possible circumstances or causes for the phenomenon of "Haunted People" from a Ghost Vigil point-of-view.

Here's what we came up with after a discussion of the matter. We tried to stay away from describing specific activity, and focused instead on categorizing the causes...


Due to an overactive imagination, mental problems, chemical imbalance, drug use, subconscious attentions seeking, outright dishonesty, or other internal problem the witness is seeing/experiencing things that are not real...either natural or supernatural. And so wherever this imperfect witness goes, they claim to see/experience paranormal activity...but its not really happening the way they describe, or at all.

Your witness/client is a sensitive, and possibily without realizing it they are able to perceive the paranormal better than your average person. Since they can see what others can't, when they move from place to place they experience paranormal activity in locations where others have not. This gives the appearance that the activity is following them, when in fact they went from one paranormally-rich environment to another paranormally-rich environment.

Due to some connection, sometimes identifiable, sometimes not...your witness/client is followed by specific paranormal activity from one location to another. The activity could be a specific apparition, a specific unexplainable feeling, knocks, lights, scents, etc...but regardless of the type of activity it does actually follow the witness/client from one location to another. Closely related with #6.

The witness/client seems to attract paranormal activity. In this situation, the client is not necessarily followed by a specific activity due to a connection, but instead draws paranormal activity to their location, no matter where they go. Some of the activity could possibly follow the witness/client from one location to another location, while some of the activity may be new at each location to which the client moves.

This individual has been specifically targeted by an occult group working negative magic against them. People who believe in magical attack who know that they are being attacked by the community witchdoctor, ect... can manifest real physical problems and even die from this situation. Members of satanic groups, black magic groups and other negative magic-using occult groups who are making an attempt to leave said group may fall into this category. Some covens collect a lock of hair, blood or other materials from their members, which they hold as spell components for working negative magic should a member betray the group, divulge its secrets, leave etc...

An individual has become the specific target of a hostile entity. Perhaps the individual is meant to perform some important deed for good in the world down the road. Perhaps the individual dabbled into something that gained the attention of a negative entity. We are talking about a malevolent, intelligent haunt, demon or alien intelligence in this case. Steps are taken to take the individual off of the entities "radar" as well as working to banish the entity that is targeting the person. Closely related with #3, but with a negative overtone.


As for how to tell which one of these categories a "Haunted Person" fits into...that's really tough. A thorough interview (and possibly an investigation) may help uncover if your witness/client is IMPERFECT in some way. If the phenomenon is always around the person, but the phenomenon varies greatly...they might be an UNKNOWING SENSITIVE or a PARANORMAL MAGNET, in a sense. If the paranormal activity is very specific and singular, they may be a CONNECTED PERSON, an OCCULT TARGET, or an ENTITY TARGET.

In the end, after gathering all the information that can be gathered, and investigating the matter...sometimes it just comes down to an educated decision as to how to advise the witness/client. At Ghost Vigil, we attempt to get the best picture of the situation that we can, and then offer the best advice and coping mechanisms that we feel will have a positive impact on the problem. For me the hardest category to deal with is the IMPERFECT WITNESS/CLIENT...because getting them help may entail convincing them they are not experiencing paranormal activity....


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