Electromagnetic Field Exposure

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Debunking is the primary function of a credible and responsible paranormal investigator. It defeats your purpose if you accept natural or explainable events as paranormal phenomenon. An often overlooked natural cause for some reported " paranormal activity" is EMF exposure, and the symptoms that can follow.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the effects of exposure to electomagnetic fields (EMF). Web search after web search will produce a wide range of opinions on the subject. On this resource page, we've quoted information about EMF and provided links to the source websites. Our hope is to provide paranormal investigators with information about this little understood issue.

Low-frequency magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body. The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes. Reacting to changes in the environment is a normal part of life. However,the body might not possess adequate compensation mechanisms to mitigate all environmental changes or stresses.

Prolonged environmental exposure,even if minor,may constitute a health hazard if it results in stress. In humans,an adverse health effect results from a biological effect that causes detectable impairment in the health or well being of exposed individuals. Complying with exposure limits recommended in national and international guidelines helps to control risks from exposures to EMFs that may be harmful to human health.

World Health Organization

 But the World Health Organization goes on to say that besides some evidence that low-frequency magnetic fields may increase the occurance of childhood leukemia, it has not been conclusively proven that these magnetic fields pose a serious health threat. But when they are discussing a "serious health threat" they are refering to cancers, heart attacks, miscarriages and other traumatic health problems.

The World Health Organization also produced this booklet on the subject. Feel free to download either version and give it a read.

Hi-Resolution Version

Low-Resolution Version

There are a large number of websites that discuss the military's use of EMF and microwave weapons in Iraq and in the future. EMF weapons are reportedly designed to cause disorientation, hallucinations, lethargy, and a variety of physical and mental effects among whole armies of enemy troops you are able to expose. Let's look at some more information about EMF exposure...

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (ES) is a physiological disorder characterized by symptoms directly brought on by exposure to electromagnetic fields. It produces neurological and allergic-type symptoms. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to, headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears, skin numbness, abdominal pressure and pain, breathing difficulty, and irregular heartbeat. Those affected persons may experience an abrupt onset of symptoms following exposure to a new EMF such as fields associated with a new computer or with new fluorescent lights, or a new home or work environment.

National Association of Certified Home Inspectors


In 1995 a draft report from the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) proposed a 10 mG exposure limit in homes, schools and offices. "A considerable body of observations has documented bioeffects from isolated cells to animals, and in man," the report stated.

VitaTech Engineering


Research shows that these fields have a disruptive effect on the energy levels of your body. You have to expend energy to counter the high frequencies of EMF. This can magnify your body's "Fight or Flight" responses, compound your adrenal loads from other stressors, and significantly reduce your ability to function effectively. This can also impair your body's natural ability to heal.

EMF exposures may cause a number of adverse effects including weakness and fatigue, increased anxiety, decreased mental function, headaches, dizziness and impaired vision. The long-term adverse health effects of EMF are still unclear, although a number of studies show serious health consequences. Emotional imbalances and mental fatigue can also result from EMF exposures.



After more than 25 years of intensive study, the health and safety conscious Swedish government has established a safety limit for exposure to ELF magnetic field at 2.5 mG, and VLF magnetic fields at only 0.25 mG. Although the U.S. government has been slower to act in establishing its own standards, the Swedish standard is generally accepted throughout the world. What this possibly means is that if someone consistently experiences exposure which exceeds the standard, that person could be at risk for developing health problems which can range from headaches, fatigue, and dizziness to skin rashes, miscarriage, leukemia, and cancer. In fact, numerous court cases where plaintiffs claim to have been injured by EMFs are now in progress.

The Wellness Center


Chronic exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic fields may be responsible for a higher suicide risk among electric utility workers, according to a new study. In 2000 researchers at the University of North Carolina in found electricians for five U.S. power companies had twice the suicide rate and linemen 1 1/2 times the rate of utility workers not employed in those jobs. The researchers studied about 6,000 men who were part of a larger group of about 139,000 employed as utility workers between 1950 and 1986. One explanation for the possible link between exposure and suicide is that electromagnetic fields are thought to suppress melatonin levels in the body, said Edwin van Wijngaarden, a doctoral student and lead author of the UNC study.

AP Story by Randall Chase

The national and international scientific communities remain somewhat unclear on the exact effects of EMF exposure and what levels of exposure might be unsafe. Almost every health organization has set some sort of limits on EMF exposure. Reportedly our military has developed or is developing non-lethal weapons based on EMF exposure, and have tested them or deployed them on a limited basis in Iraq.

EMF is thought by many to be capable of causing or helping to trigger headaches, fatique, dizziness, skin rashes, miscarriages, leukemia, cancer, weakness, increased anxiety, decreased mental function, impaired vision, emotional imbalances, reduced melatonin levels, and magnification of the "fight or flight" reponse. At extremely high levels it has been proven to cause flickering of test-subject's vision.

Its important to remember these effects and symptoms when you are investigating a location with high EMF levels, such as an industrial facility or a workplace with a lot of electronic equipment. Your witnesses to "paranormal activity" might actually be experiencing symptoms from EMF sensitivity and exposure.

For instance, during our Mix 93.3 Investigation, we investigated a Radio Station where the staff had reported a wide range of phenomenon. I believe we were successful in debunking the phenomenon based on the high levels of EMF the staff was constantly exposed to...


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